Production Drilling Equipment

We supply fully carburised production drilling rods.

R25 - R25 25mm hex
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
R25610 mm2'25 mm hex
R25915 mm3'25 mm hex
R251220 mm4'25 mm hex
R251525 mm5'25 mm hex
R251830 mm6'25 mm hex
R253050 mm10'25 mm hex
R253660 mm12'25 mm hex
R32 - R32 25hex
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
R321220 mm4'25 mm hex
R321525 mm5'25 mm hex
R321830 mm6'25 mm hex
R322435 mm8'25 mm hex
R323050 mm10'25 mm hex
R323600 mm12'25 mm hex
R32 - R32 32round carb
ThreadLength mmLength ft Diameter 
R321220 mm 4'32 mm round
R321525 mm 5'32 mm round
R321830 mm 6'32 mm round
R322435 mm 8'32 mm round
R323050 mm 10' 32 mm round
R323660 mm 12' 32 mm round
R32 - R32 MF 32round
  ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
 R32 MF1220 mm4'32 mm round
 R32 MF1525 mm5'32 mm round
 R32 MF1830 mm6'32 mm round
R32 MF2435 mm8'32 mm round
R32 MF3050 mm10'32 mm round
R32 MF3660 mm12'32 mm round
R32 MF4270 mm14'32 mm round
R32 - R32 MF 44mm
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
R32 MF1220 mm4'44 mm round
R32 MF1830 mm6'44 mm round
R32 MF3050 mm10'44 mm round
R38 - R38 39round
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
R381830 mm6'39 mm round
R382435 mm8'39 mm round
R383050 mm10'39 mm round
R383660 mm12'39 mm round
R38 - R38 MF 38round    
ThreadLength mmLength ft Diameter 
R38 MF1830 mm6'38 mm round
R38 MF3050 mm10'38 mm round
R38 MF3660 mm12'38 mm round
T38 - T38 32hex
Thread Length mmLength ftDiameter
T383050 mm10'32 mm hex 
T383660 mm12'32 mm hex
T38 - T38 39round
 Thread Length mm Length ft Diameter
T381220 mm  4'39 mm round 
T381525 mm 5'39 mm round  
T381830 mm 6' 39 mm round  
T383050 mm  10'39 mm round  
T383660 mm  12'39 mm round  
T384265 mm  14'39 mm round  
T38 - T38 MF 39round
 ThreadLength mm   Length ftDiameter 
T38 MF1220 mm 4'39 mm round
T38 MF1525 mm 5'39 mm round
T38 MF1830 mm6'39 mm round
T38 MF 3050 mm10'39 mm round
T38 MF3660 mm 12'39 mm round
T38 MF 4265 mm14'39 mm round
T38 - T38 MF GT
ThreadLength mm Length ftDiameter
T38 MF1220 mm4'55 mm round
T38 MF1830 mm6'55 mm round
T38 MF3050 mm10'55 mm round
T38 MF3660 mm12'55 mm round
T38 MF3660 mm12'64 mm round
T38 - T38 38hex    
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
T453050 mm10'38 mm hex
T453660 mm12'38 mm hex
T38 - T38 45round
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
T451525 mm5'45 mm round
T451830 mm6'45 mm round
T453050 mm10'45 mm round
T453660 mm12'45 mm round
T454265 mm14'45 mm round
T456095 mm20'45 mm round
T38M - T38F 45round
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
T45 MF1525 mm5'45 mm round
T45 MF1830 mm6'45 mm round
T45 MF3050 mm10'45 mm round
T45 MF3660 mm12'45 mm round
T45 MF4265 mm14'45 mm round
T45 MF6095 mm20'45 mm round
T38M - T38MF GT 64-76 round
ThreadLength mmLength ftDiameter
T45 MF1525 mm5'64 mm round
T45 MF1830 mm6'64 mm round
T45 MF3660 mm12' 64 mm round
T45 MF1830 mm6'76 mm round
T45 MF3660 mm12' 76 mm round
T51 - T51 51round
ThreadLength mmLength ft Diameter
T511830 mm6'51 mm round
T51 3050 mm10'51 mm round
T513660 mm12'51 mm round
T514265 mm14'51 mm round
T516095 mm20'51 mm round
T51M - T51F 51round
ThreadLength mm Length ftDiameter
T51 MF1830 mm6'51 mm round
T51 MF3050 mm10'51 mm round
T51 MF3660 mm12'51 mm round
T51 MF4265 mm14'51 mm round
T51 MF6095 mm20'51 mm round
T51M - T51f 76 67 ROUND
Thread Length mmLength ft  Diameter
T51 MF1830 mm6'76 mm round
T51 MF3660 mm12'76 mm round
T51 MF1883 mm6'87 mm round
T51 MF3660 mm12'87 mm round

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