Bilde av forsideBilde av Drill%20steelMonark AS is one of the world leading producers off percussive drill steel, like integral drill steel, tapered rods, plug hole rods, threaded rods, button bits and furnace tapping equipment. We serves all continents with products produced in Hof, Norway. Monark AS has distributors which carry a large inventory in 50 countries.

We provide drilling solutions to mining, quarrying and construction all over the world, and keep a large stock off standard products, but we will produce all variations off lengths and diameters up to 11200mm and 89mm diameter.

Monark AS
Hvittingfossveien 473
3090 Hof, Norway
Tel. +47 3309500045T66RD Bilde utklipp
Fax. +47 33095001