The company has its roots back to 1945 when a small plant was founded in Ockelbo, Sweden. One year later the company started with production of Integral drill Steel - which still is one of our high-volume products. Today Monark operates as a family owned company with production in both Sweden and Norway. We serve the global market with high quality Scandinavian made Rock Drilling tools.

In 1948 the production of stone working tools (REBIT) started up at the same plant. Monark integral drill steel factory was founded in Oslo in 1956 and moved to the current location in 1958. Both locations have had significant investments and changes over the years - some of them highlighted below.



  • 1945 – Founded in Ockelbo, Sweden
  • 1977 – Company name changed to REBIT
  • 1980 – Company sold to Fagersta AB under Secoroc
  • 1993 – Fagersta moves all integral drill rod manufacturing to Ockelbo
  • 1996 – Factory moves to current location
  • 2006 – Large investment in automated robotic production
  • 2018 – Company name change to Epiroc
  • 2019 – Became a Monark company


  • 1956 – Founded in Oslo, Norway
  • 1971 – Sold to Boart Longyear
  • 1990 – Investment in several new machines in production
  • 2005 – Sold to current owners
  • 2007 – Changes name back to the original name Monark
  • 2010 – Starts building a new production hall for button bits
  • 2019 – build new production hall for carburization of rods
  • 2019 – Acquire Epiroc Ockelbo.


Our two factories have had different paths over the years.

The Swedish location became a part of the SECOROC Organization, Atlas Copco, then Epiroc.

Monark came in 2019 and acquired the factory from Epiroc.


The Norwegian factory became a part of Boart Longyear in 1971 and was under this ownership until 2005 when the factory was sold to the current owners.

Today the company produces about 500 000 drill rods annualy and 100 000 button bits.

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